Mercedes-Benz Citaro: 1000th Mercedes-Benz Citaro featuring Euro VI is delivered

Mercedes-Benz Citaro: 1000th Mercedes-Benz Citaro featuring Euro VI is delivered
March 2014
  • Citaro featuring Euro VI exhaust gas technology proves itself on the roads 1000-fold
  • The environment benefits from early introduction of Euro VI
  • Unique recuperation module reclaims energy
Almost in parallel with the statutory deadline for the introduction of the Euro VI emissions standard at the start of 2014, today Mercedes-Benz is already handing over its 1000th Citaro model featuring Euro VI exhaust gas technology to a customer. Ralf Steinmetz, Director of transport company HEAG mobiBus in Darmstadt, took delivery of the urban bus from Ulrich Piotrowski, Head of Sales of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit, Region West, at the New Bus & Coach Vehicle Center (ONC) in Mannheim.
Daimler Buses introduced the first series production urban buses featuring Euro VI technology to our roads as early as 2012. "Thanks to the early introduction of Euro VI – long before the competition – Daimler Buses has been able to extend its market position and win a series of large orders throughout Europe. Such vehicles therefore enable transport operators to implement environmentally friendly regular services in a cost-effective manner and across broad areas", explains Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Buses.
Daimler has countered the disadvantages originally expected with Euro VI in terms of fuel consumption by implementing new vehicle and drive system developments. The fuel-consumption advantage of the Euro VI urban bus over its Euro V predecessor was revealed to be 8.5 percent in a spectacular efficiency test conducted in the autumn of 2012 under the impartial supervision of Dekra. Making a contribution to this figure, in addition to the new vehicle concept, are the BlueEfficiency Power engines. Furthermore, there is also the unique recuperation module, which recovers energy in a manner similar to the braking system in hybrid buses. Thanks to the BlueTec Euro VI technology, in addition to the reduction in CO2 in line with the lower fuel consumption these buses also boast significantly reduced levels of harmful substances such as particulates and nitrogen oxides.
The Mercedes-Benz Citaro has not only delighted its customers. Its innovative features have also impressed the international expert panel which awarded it the title of "Bus of the Year 2013". The Mercedes-Benz Citaro was helped in achieving the title not only by the fact that its emissions have been pushed to the very margins of detectability, thanks to the completely new engine generation and sophisticated emission control, but also due to its friendly and distinctive face and also its safety. The Citaro is the first urban bus which has been available since 2011 with the Electronic Stability Program ESP on board.
The white milestone vehicle is driven by the OM 936 BlueEfficiency engine with an output of 220 kW. Power transfer, meanwhile, is handled by the ZF Ecolife AP 6-speed automatic transmission.
With a staff of around 230 employees and 120 buses of its own, the HEAG transport group operates regular service routes in a variety of regions throughout Southern Hesse – in Darmstadt, in the districts of Darmstadt-Dieburg and Bergstraße, and recently also in the district of Groß-Gerau. In providing an attractive public local transport service, HEAG mobiBus applies modern standards. All vehicles feature barrier-free entry access thanks to low-floor technology. The company also places a great deal of value on environmental acceptability. Since as early as 2007, part of its fleet has complied with the EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly – particularly environmentally friendly vehicles). Due to increasing passenger numbers, large capacity buses such as the Mercedes-Benz CapaCity model are also deployed in Darmstadt. Ralf Steinmetz is delighted with the new vehicles acquired by HEAG mobiBus. "The new Citaro models featuring Euro VI exhaust gas technology are helping to improve the environmental performance of our bus fleet. The low fuel consumption also makes the vehicles economically attractive for us."

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    F.l.t.r.: Ulrich Piotrowski, Head of Sales of the Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit, Region West and Ralf Steinmetz, Director of transport company HEAG mobiBus in Darmstadt