Mercedes-Benz Classic: Topics in April 2011

Stuttgart, Feb 22, 2011
100 years ago – on 23 April 1911: Bob Burman broke Barney Oldfield's record, covering a mile from a flying start at an average speed of 228.1 km in the "Blitzen-Benz" at Daytona Beach, Florida/USA. This was the highest speed ever attained by a road vehicle and set up a world record which remained unbeaten until 1919.
80 years ago – from 12 to 13 April 1931: Rudolf Caracciola became the first foreign driver to win the "Mille Miglia" long-distance race. Together with co-driver Wilhelm Sebastian he took first place in the 1000-mile (1635-kilometre) race from Brescia to Rome and back, averaging 101.1 km/h at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz SSKL (W 06 RS).
40 years ago – on 14 April 1971: Mercedes-Benz presented the new SL 107 model line, featuring numerous safety innovations. The first vehicle was the 350 SL.
25 years ago – from 9 to 16 April 1986:at the Hanover fair, Daimler-Benz presented the powertrain of the new O 405 GTD diesel-electric duo bus and components of an experimental car based on the 230 E running on pure hydrogen.


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