Fuso Canter

Jan 21, 2016
  • High payload, flexible in operation
  • Fuso Canter with "Ecofficiency" package
  • Engageable all-wheel drive
  • Low noise and emissions: Canter Eco Hybrid
  • Canter E-Cell: Emission-free in the city
The Fuso Canter outstandingly fills the gap between the light van and the medium truck. It covers a wide range of applications with gross vehicle weights from 3.5 to 8.55 t, various wheelbases from 2500 mm to 4750 mm and several cab variants. The Fuso Canter is equipped with rear axle drive (4x2) as standard and engines delivering from 96 kW (130 hp) to 129 kW (175 hp), and is produced in Tramagal, Portugal for the European market.
A top-of-the-range weight variant with a GVW of 8.55 t allows chassis payloads of up to six tonnes, setting the benchmark in this weight class. The models Canter 9C15 and 9C18 are equipped with the automated Duonic dual clutch transmission and the wide "C" (Comfort) cab as standard, and are available with efficient 3.0 l engines with a diesel particulate filter and BlueTec 6 SCR technology. ABS with electronic brake force distribution, an engine brake offering 50 kW of braking power and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) all feature as standard. The new engines not only boast lower emissions but are also more economical than their predecessors.
The Fuso Canter is the all-rounder amongst light-duty trucks. With a perm. GVW of 3.5 tonnes it can be driven by anyone in possession of a valid passenger car driving licence. As a 7.49-tonne variant the Canter is toll-free in Germany, and ideal for holders of the former class 3 driving licence.
Fuso Canter with "Ecofficiency" package
The new Fuso Canter comes with the standard-fit "Ecofficiency" package comprising various fuel efficiency measures. These include higher injection pressures of 2000 bar, the use of low-friction engine oil, engine start/stop function and longer axle ratios. In the variants from 6.5 t GVW, further advantages are gained with tyres with optimised rolling resistance and an improved diesel particulate filter. The engines employ BlueTec 6 with an SCR catalytic converter.
Engageable all-wheel drive
Special features of the Canter range include the variant with all-wheel drive. In Europe this is marketed under the model designation 6C18 with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 6.5 t and an engine output of 129 kW (175 hp). The all-wheel drive can be engaged whenever required. This means fast response when driving on changeable terrain and also maximum fuel efficiency when driving on the road in 4x2 mode. Further standard features include a self-locking rear axle differential with up to 70 percent locking effect. New features for the Canter 4x4 include the standard-fit engageable reduction gear. Despite the use of a rear axle with a longer ratio to maximise fuel efficiency when driving on the road, the Canter 4x4 boasts an impressive slope climbing ability of 60 percent.
The Fuso Canter models with permissible gross vehicle weights from 6.5 t, and also the Canter 4x4, feature BlueTec 6 engines and are thus also equipped with SCR technology featuring AdBlue injection and a downstream oxidation catalytic converter. The capacity of the particulate filter and the SCR catalytic converter has been increased to meet the stricter requirements of Euro VI.
The combination of robust design and off-road capability predestines the model series as reliable winter service vehicles with snow plough and gritter and as compact and agile waste collection vehicles. The vehicle width of just two metres allows the Canter 4x4 to easily pass through narrow gaps, such as are encountered in city use.
The Fuso Canter has become established for various all-year assignments in the public service sector. Users particularly value the variety offered by the choice of 4x2, 4x4 or hybrid drive, the Duonic automated dual clutch transmission, the three cab variants (Standard = narrow/Comfort = wide/Comfort crewcab), the six wheelbases and three PTOs and a uniform frame hole pattern for different bodies.
Low noise and emissions: Canter Eco Hybrid
The Canter Eco Hybrid consumes up to 23 percent less fuel compared to the purely diesel variant. The investment in hybrid technology can pay off after 120 000 km urban traffic.With the quiet, low-emission drive, the vehicle is suitable for public service operations in conurbations and other emissions-sensitive areas.
The four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with a displacement of 3.0 l, an output of 110 kW (150 hp) and maximum torque of 370 Nm is combined with an electric motor which is fully available right from the word go. The electric motor is a permanently excited synchronous motor with an output of 40 kW.As well as being economical and eco-friendly, the Canter Eco Hybrid scores with its load-carrying ability. The increased weight of all the hybrid components amounts to merely around 150 kg. This means that the load capacity of the 7.5-tonne model as a chassis with cab is up to 4.8 t.
Canter E-Cell: Emission-free in the city
The purely electrically driven Canter E-Cell is locally emission-free, and has proved itself in intensive practical trials in various industries. The six-tonner's electric motor achieves 110 kW (150 hp) and achieves an outstanding torque of 650 Nm, forming the basis for very powerful acceleration. The lithium-ion batteries in the electric truck have a capacity of 48.4 kWh. The Canter E-Cell thus has a range of more than 100 kilometres. The load capacity of the chassis is 3000 kg.
Fuso CANTER 7C15D, Exterior, deep orange, engine power: 110 kW/150 hp, displacement 3.0 l, DUONIC 2.0,permissible gross vehicle weight: 7500 kg
Fuso CANTER 7C15D, Exterior, deep orange, engine power: 110 kW/150 hp, displacement 3.0 l, DUONIC 2.0,permissible gross vehicle weight: 7500 kg
Fuso CANTER 6C18D 4x4, Exterior, deep orange, engine power: 129 kW/175 hp, displacement 3.0 l, DUONIC 2.0,permissible gross vehicle weight: 6500 kg
The Fuso Canter is in demand for municipal applications thanks to its versatility.
Fuso Canter
Fuso CANTER 7C15D, Exterior, deep orange, engine power: 110 kW/150 hp, displacement 3.0 l, DUONIC 2.0,permissible gross vehicle weight: 7500 kg, twin-compartment cab
Fuso Canter
Fuso Canter