Supercharged Cars

  • 1992m1233
    Mercedes-Benz 500 K Special Roadster (W 29), exhibited at the 1936 International Motor Show in Berlin.
  • Z2234
    Targa Florio, Sicily, April 2, 1922. A supercharged model was used for the first time in this race: the Mercedes 6/40/65 hp (4 cylinders, series cars up to 1.5 liters with supercharger). The photograph shows the driver Paul Scheef and navigator Jakob Krauss, who took third place.
  • 23608
    Mercedes-Benz 500 K "Spezial-Roadster", 1936.
  • 87F280B
    Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster. This variant of the “Sindelfingen body” was first introduced in 1934 in the 500 K and remained in the line-up as 540 K from 1936 until 1939.
  • 87F392
    Mercedes-Benz Model 500 K (W 29 series, 1934 to 1936) in the Luxury Roadster version, year of manufacture 1936.
  • 89F1188
    Mercedes-Benz 500 K special roadster, 1936.
  • 19891
    Mercedes-Benz 500 K “Autobahn Courier” (W 29). Built in the special vehicle production unit of the Sindelfingen plant, this vehicle made its debut in 1934 at the International Motor and Motorcycle Show in Berlin, as the first variant of the new 500 K model. Its aerodynamically designed body, with gently dropping rear end, marked the starting point for the development of further powerful luxury cars with streamlined bodies. The culmination of this development work came in the form of the 540 K Streamliner (W 29) of 1938.
  • 50910
    Mercedes-Benz 500 K sports sedan, 1935.
  • 21647
    Mercedes-Benz 500 K sports sedan, 1935.
  • 6590
    Ralph de Palma at the wheel of his 26/120/180 hp Mercedes-Benz S, the car with which he won two races on the racetrack in Atlantic City, New Jersey/USA, on May 30, 1928.
  • 26010
    Mercedes-Benz 770 "Grand Mercedes", 1938-1942. When this imposing car was introduced at the Berlin Motor Show in 1938, there was no need to worry about its image – this had already been built by its predecessor. The technical highlights of this car, newly developed from the ground up, included an oval tubular frame, independent wheel suspension with coil springs at the front, a De Dion axle at the rear and a newly developed five-speed synchronized transmission. The car was powered by a supercharged eight-cylinder engine which developed 230 hp.
  • 19273
    Mercedes-Benz Typ 380. On the occasion of the Berlin motorshow in February 1933, the public had the opportunity to admire the beautiful shape of this car for the first time. It was powered by an eight-cylinder in-line engine, wich had an output of 140 h.p. when supercharged. In 1934 the 380 model gave way to the famous 500 K model.