The new Mercedes-Benz Citan: multimedia systems and connectivity

Oct 20, 2021

Comprehensive, intuitive operating possibilities and a range of digital services from Mercedes me connect: just like its bigger sibling – the Sprinter – and the passenger car models from Mercedes‑Benz, the new Citan can be equipped with the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system as an option. The system's strengths include the intuitive operating concept using the touchscreen or Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel, smartphone integration using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the hands-free system via Bluetooth connection and digital radio (DAB and DAB+).

In conjunction with MBUX, customers already have access to connectivity services such as Live Traffic Information. But Mercedes me connect makes the new Citan even more intelligent overall: before and after a journey, or even while underway, a number of additional functions can be used. For this to work, the Citan merely needs to be linked in the Mercedes me Portal with a Mercedes me account and the terms of use accepted.

Mercedes me connect is a comprehensive offering. The following selected services are particularly interesting to Citan drivers:

  • Maintenance Management:
    • The Citan detects when maintenance work is required and then automatically sends a message to the Mercedes-Benz service partner which the customer has selected. The service partner will then create a quote for the necessary maintenance work and, upon request, will send this to the customer.
  • Remote services[1]:
    • With remote querying of the vehicle status, the customer can check important data concerning their vehicle at any time, be that from home or the office. In this way, they are able to quickly obtain information on the fuel level, tyre pressure or the date of the next maintenance work due. This can help ensure that customers remain mobile.
    • With Remote Door Locking and Unlocking, the Mercedes me App allows the vehicle to be locked and unlocked, or for you to check whether the vehicle is closed. And it's possible from anywhere at any time. This service requires a password to be input in order to open the vehicle, and can thereby reduce the risk of undesired third-party access to the vehicle. Furthermore, the customer can also be informed by e-mail that their vehicle was unlocked remotely.
    • Further functions in this area include, for example, the Vehicle Tracker via GPS as well as geographic vehicle monitoring (geofencing).
  • Navigation & MBUX functions:
    • Thanks to Navigation with Live Traffic Information and Car-to-X communication, customers drive with the latest real-time traffic data. This means that traffic jams can be efficiently avoided or alternatively that valuable time can be saved. Thanks to Car-to-X communication, connected vehicles can exchange data with one another. Early information about dangers – for example when the hazard warning lamps are switched on – increases road safety.
    • Regular online updates of the navigation map ensure that it is always up-to-date.
    • Destinations can be entered as three-word addresses based on the what3word system (w3w). what3words is the easiest way to specify a location. As part of this system, the world is divided into 3x3-metre squares with an unmistakable three-word address – this can be a great help when searching for a destination, particularly in commercial operations.
    • The "Hey Mercedes" voice assistant enables MBUX functions to be used and online queries, for example concerning the weather or restaurants, to be made. To do this, no specific formulations need to be used as the system understands regular speech. Examples: "Where can I get a burger near here?" and "Do I need an umbrella today?" The results of the online search, e.g. for restaurants or hotels can be adopted as a destination in the navigation system.
    • In combination with the "Internet in the Car" service, a Wi-Fi hotspot can be created, for example. In addition to this, the use of other services such as Internet radio & music streaming is also possible.[2]
    • The system shows a probability prognosis of finding available parking spaces on public roads, with some spaces also being transmitted in real time. They are shown not only in the Mercedes me app but also optionally in the navigation map on MBUX, as are parking spaces in multi-storey carparks. The data can be adopted in the navigation system. Depending on the provider, additional information is shown, such as opening times, the number of parking spaces, their height, their price and the available payment methods.
    • The current weather and temperature near the Citan can also optionally be shown on the navigation map.

[1] Dependent on mobile network coverage

[2] Additional data volume may be required