Omniplus Spare Parts Logistics Centre with over 300,000 spare parts

Dec 4, 2019
Stuttgart / Neu-Ulm

The Spare Parts Logistics Centre from Daimler Buses, the world's largest central warehouse for bus spare parts, has more than 120,000 parts in stock. More than 650 service partners for the Omniplus service brand are provided with spare parts for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses.

On around 32,000 square metres of floor space, over 120,000 spare and accessory parts in tested Daimler quality are in stock in the Spare Parts Logistics Centre. Since 2012, the total number of active parts has increased from around 250,000 to over 320,000 positions; an increase of about 10,000 positions every year.

In addition to the administration building, the centrepiece of the complex is the logistics building with an incoming goods section, different storage types and shipping. Every day around 50 trucks deliver the required spare parts. About 220 employees, working for the most part in two shifts, ensure that every day over 6800 very different positions are delivered on time around the world. The so-called "milk run principle" is a very effective form of delivery. The trucks are loaded in such a way that they can be driven to one partner after another and unloaded there at night. When the company opens in the morning, all of the spare parts are already available. Processing these large volumes requires not only functioning and transparent processes but also a high level of teamwork. Our staff in administration, incoming goods, the manual storage areas, the automatic small-parts warehouse and our shipping department work very closely with one another – also with the preceding and subsequent areas and thus make an important contribution to an extremely high degree of customer satisfaction.

With its Europe-wide, 24-hour shipping system, online networking with all service organisations and contract workshops and state-of-the-art electronic part documentation systems, this centre is setting standards in supplying customers at an international level.

With the introduction of the Omniplus On-commerce e-Shop platform, external service partners are also able to access information on availability in the the spare part system (ELC) online and in real time. The digital preparation and allocation of all deliverable and stored parts is a necessary condition of the digitization of the service. With the integration of this data with Omniplus On, this digitalization, which has been started for many years, reaches a new level.

That is why all processes are controlled via a modern warehouse management system so that maximum part availability can be guaranteed at all times or parts that are not in stock and that are suitable for printing can be produced. The shipping status of the ordered parts can be called up at any time in the portal by the end customer.