Statements by Management and the panel guests

Nov 7, 2019
Stuttgart / Berlin

Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks:

"We have always considered the avoidance of accidents to be our social responsibility. And in view of the huge mass of a truck, active safety systems are essentially the way to getting as close as possible to accident-free driving. That means using systems which avoid accidents by optimally supporting drivers during their daily work. With this in mind, on the one hand we regularly develop new technologies. Whilst on the other we make sure that existing systems are incorporated as quickly as possible in as many vehicles as possible. We are convinced that this is a sustainable approach with which to achieve our goal."

Dr. Rainer Müller-Finkeldei, Head of Mechatronic Development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks:

"In view of the often very complex situations which truck drivers must master in road traffic, assistance systems have been shown to make an important contribution towards increasing road safety. Regardless of whether it's Active Brake Assist 5, Active Drive Assist, MirrorCam or Sideguard Assist: with these systems that do not just avoid accidents but can also mitigate the consequences of any possible collisions, we are underlining our aspiration to incorporate innovative solutions to the challenges faced by transportation companies and drivers into series production.“

Joachim Schlereth, Head of Sales and Services Germany at Mercedes-Benz Trucks:

"No matter whether they are in urban traffic, on country roads or on the motorway: truck drivers must be able to rely on their vehicle in any situation. In this regard we are setting standards with our model series and the new Actros in particular. The fact that numerous systems are not only available ex works, but in part as retrofit solutions for stock vehicles has been well-received by our customers. It is nice to see that the government is further supporting our customers in installing our safety systems by providing grants."

Walter Niewöhner, Accident Expert at DEKRA Automobil GmbH:

"Equipping vehicles with an increasing number of assistance systems is a sensible step forward in view of 'Vision Zero' – that is road traffic with no accidents resulting in fatalities and serious injury. It is of course imperative that truck drivers know how to use the functions of these systems and the limits thereof. Because the laws of physics cannot be suspended. Transportation companies and hauliers can make an important contribution to greater road safety by further increasing the awareness of their drivers and any sub-contractors they employ with regard to safety issues and to train them accordingly."

Dirk Zingler, Managing Director of RÖFA – DIE LOGISTIKER GmbH:

"As a transportation company, it is not only the reliability and fuel efficiency of the vehicles that play a central role for us, but also safety – in the interest of our drivers and the company as well for the protection of all road users. For years now, the Actros has been giving us the best on the road in every way. In our opinion, the latest generation is without doubt another huge step forward. The installed assistance systems and the MirrorCam represent genuine benefits that our drivers very much appreciate. This applies to the Multimedia Cockpit with its high level of networking and the extremely comfortable cab to the same degree. With vehicles equipped in this way, I am convinced that we can also successfully counteract the ever-increasing shortage of drivers."