Mercedes-Benz Werk Bremen starts production of the new C-Class

Aug 1, 2018

Bremen – At the Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen the first C-Class Saloon of the new generation rolled off the production line. The transition of the highly varied series took place during full capacity and within one day. In the highly flexible production, digital solutions and shopping carts are used to control diversity. The new C-Class will be produced in four plants on four continens. Following the lead plant Bremen the plants in Tuscaloosa (USA), East London (South Africa) and Beijing (China) gradually start production of the high-volume model. The global production is steered through the plant in Bremen.

Digital and flexibl production

The assembly of the new C-Class uses state-of-the-art digital production technologies and forward-looking Industry 4.0 solutions. These makes it possible to optimize the material flow, further increase efficiency and flexibility and further improve ergonomics for employees. For example, preloaded shopping carts are delivered to the production line by driverless transportation systems and paper documentation is replaced by mobile devices such as tablets, Mini-PCs and Smart PDAs in accordance with the "paperless factory" concept.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Highlights

The new C-Class embodies sportiness in connection with emotion and intelligence. Its appearance is particularly impressive due to the further development of the sporty design with clearly drawn contours at the front and rear, new alloy wheels and the introduction of new colours. In addition, the new C-Class offers the latest in active safety through the use of state-of-the-art driver assistance systems with cooperative support from the driver.

On request, the new C-Class is available with a fully digitised instrument display with the three visually different styles "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive". For the first time in this series MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with ULTRA RANGE high beam are available - excellent visibility in every situation.

About the Mercedes-Benz plant Bremen

With more than 12,500 employees, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen is the largest private employer in the region. Ten models are currently being manufactured at the site: The Saloon, the Estate, the Coupé and the Convertible of the C-Class, the Coupé and Convertible of the E-Class, the off-road vehicle GLC, the GLC coupé as well as the two roadsters SLC and SL. In 2017 more than 420,000 vehicles were produced in Bremen. As the competence center for the C-Class, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen directs the worldwide production of Mercedes-Benz's high-volume model range at the plants abroad in Tuscaloosa/USA, Beijing/China and East London/South Africa. The production of the GLC is also controlled by Bremen as the main production site. Vehicles "Made in Bremen" will cover the entire range of intelligent drives by the end of the decade - from classic combustion engines and plug-in hybrids to fuel cell and electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Werk Bremen starts production of the new C-Class
Mercedes-Benz Werk Bremen starts production of the new C-Class