Daimler Buses at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: World premieres for buses and coaches, assistance systems and digital service

Jul 10, 2018
Mainz / Stuttgart
  • World premiere: the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and the eMobility system
  • World premiere: the new generation of Mercedes-Benz minibuses
  • IAA premiere: the new Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus
  • World premiere: new assistance systems, Active Brake Assist 4 as standard
  • Premiere: service becomes digital with Uptime and Omniplus On

Mainz / Stuttgart - Daimler Buses is headed to the IAA Commercial Vehicles in September with a veritable cornucopia of premieres. The world premiere of the all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro city bus starts an innovation initiative for electric mobility in cities. A totally new generation of minibuses based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, led by the Sprinter City 75 with unrivalled technology, also celebrates its world premiere. The fascinating Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus has its IAA premiere. New assistance systems elevate the high level of safety of city buses and touring coaches yet again. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of the new emergency brake assist system Active Brake Assist 4 in the standard specification of the touring coaches from Mercedes-Benz and Setra starting in 2019. At the same time, the service for buses and coaches become digital and opens the door for entirely new services. In conclusion, the buses and coaches from Mercedes-Benz and Setra again set standards. They are more environmentally friendly, safer, more economically efficient and more comfortable than ever.

World premiere: the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and the eMobility system

Electric mobility means rethinking bus transport in cities. The new all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro takes electromobility using city buses to a completely new level. It offers an impressive and unprecedented standard in energy efficiency, courtesy of its innovative thermal management system that uses innovative components available for the first time with the launch of the eCitaro. It is the start of an innovation initiative for electric mobility, because together with the premiere, Daimler Buses already presents a concrete timetable for the city bus powertrain of the near future. The eCitaro already covers a large part of the operations of city buses today – in just a few short years, it will be able to completely replace the combustion engine with unique battery technology and a fuel cell as a range extender.

The new eCitaro is far more than just a city bus: It is embedded into the eMobility system of Daimler Buses. This eMobility system supports transport operators from thorough consulting services and the assistance of an intelligent charge management system to the training of the employees and the provision of specific services. The eMobility system and the Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro consequently pave the way for switching to electric mobility for buses in cities and population centres.

World premiere: the new generation of Mercedes-Benz minibuses

The new Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter forms the basis for a likewise totally new generation of the successful minibuses bearing the three-pointed star. As before, they comprise the model series Sprinter City, Sprinter Transfer, Sprinter Mobility and Sprinter Travel, and will be launched successively. The names stand for operations in line service, as a versatile shuttle bus, for transport of passengers with limited mobility, and for tourist transport. As a result, the Sprinter as a minibus covers all conceivable types of operations. The Sprinter City 75 with exclusive technology plays a prominent role. Thanks to an extended wheelbase, the compact city bus with discreet skeleton body offers a large low-floor platform and due to its exclusive high-load rear axle manages a high passenger capacity.

IAA premiere: the new Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus

The spectacular Setra TopClass S 531 DT double-decker bus sets standards in its class and now celebrates its IAA premiere. In addition to its impressive appearance, it compels above all as a prime example of aerodynamic and fuel efficiency, of maximum variability, comfort and highest level of safety. Due to its variable lower deck, the impressive touring coach covers all operations in tourist transport and regular service, and with superlative aerodynamics it is all set to establish new fuel efficiency records in its segment. The comprehensive standard safety equipment ranging from the new Active Brake Assist 4 to a fire extinguishing system is exceptional.

World premiere: new assistance systems, Active Brake Assist 4 as standard

Mercedes‑Benz and Setra again set standards in active safety at the IAA 2018 with assistance systems. Active Brake Assist 4 for touring coaches is the first ever brake assist system that also brakes for pedestrians. It will become standard equipment on the touring coaches from Mercedes‑Benz and Setra in 2019. Preventive Brake Assist is the first active braking assist system ever for city buses. Finally, Sideguard Assist is the first assistance system to warn of pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles when turning. It is available for the entire range of city buses and touring coaches from Mercedes‑Benz and Setra. All three assistance unburden the driver in his work and protect more vulnerable road users. All three can save lives.

Premiere: service becomes digital with Uptime and Omniplus On

Service for buses and coaches becomes digital with Omniplus On, and opens up entirely new possibilities for bus operators and drivers thanks to connectivity. Digital services are bundled in a clearly arranged way on the new Internet portal Omniplus On. Omniplus On initially rests on three pillars. Omniplus On advance ensures maximum fleet availability for bus operators, for example with the revolutionary service Omniplus Uptime for continuously monitoring the relevant vehicle systems in real time. The data are continuously analysed and interpreted. If there are impending severe technical malfunctions, the bus operator is immediately informed by Omniplus 24h Service, together with concrete recommended actions to prevent a vehicle breakdown. Omniplus On monitor combines the telematics services for efficient fleet management. Finally, Omniplus On drive ensures the communication between driver and company, and helps the driver with the required daily departure check.