The six guidelines of the Mercedes-Benz Design Code: Showcasing a passion for automobiles

Jul 5, 2018

Mercedes-Benz design serves to showcase a passion for automobiles in a modern design idiom. The designers focus on the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of Sensual Purity as an expression of modern luxury, This encapsulates a key aspect of the Mercedes-Benz brand – the bipolarity of intelligence and emotion. The aim is to create clear contours and smooth surfaces that showcase hi-tech while radiating emotional appeal. For the designers, good design must be hot and cool. Every Mercedes combines these two opposites.

It is important to the designers to render this bipolarity of the Mercedes-Benz brand tangible in the vehicles. Each model series has its own distinctive character, depending on the central attributes of its design. A Mercedes-Benz is nevertheless always recognisable as such. Because in addition to incorporating new stylistic developments, the designers draw from a "gene pool" of stylistic elements which are innate to the brand, thereby keeping long-standing traditions alive.

The design philosophy is defined by the Design Code. This is based on six guidelines which are interpreted accordingly for each model. In this way it is ensured that each model series has its own distinct character.

The six guidelines of the Design Code

Unexpected Moments

The Mercedes-Benz designers create highly emotional experiences and positive surprises: a celebration of the unexpected, the unusual, the sublime. The designers conjure up "Unexpected Moments", fashioning icons and showcasing these in a sensual guise.

Stimulating Contrasts

The aesthetic, creative approach to material properties, colour and form reflects the bipolarity of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Emotion and intelligence are the poles between which the designers consciously seek the "harmony of contrasts" and create stimulating contrasts.

Stunning Proportions

Good design is based on impressive proportions which express power, harmony and coherence. "Stunning Proportions" are a key focus of the work carried out by the Mercedes-Benz designers.

Freeform & Geometry

"Freeform & Geometry" defines a sculptural, three-dimensional approach to designing surfaces: Mercedes-Benz design is based on clear, tangible basic geometries which are perfected by sensual, sculptural freeforms.

Significant Graphics

The Mercedes-Benz designers employ "Significant Graphics" to visualise precision, refinement and high-tech. These engage in a fascinating interplay with the sensual forms. In this way, adeptly designed, precise details add highlights to the vehicle's sensually sculptured body.

Natural Attraction

Excitingly muscular forms suggestive of a natural physique together with natural allure, materials with an appealing touch and feel, colours and moods conjure up "Natural Attraction" and offer a sensual experience.