The service offerings: Creative urban mobility services

Jun 27, 2018

For six years now, smart has been complementing its mobility products with customer-friendly services designed to make urban living easier. smart established the smart lab in 2016 as the brand's think tank to accelerate the development and implementation of creative urban mobility projects.

smart 'ready to' stands for a host of innovative services designed to make life in the city easier. The latest services are smart "ready to spot" and smart "theft recovery". It can happen easily, especially in unfamiliar big cities: you don't remember exactly where you parked the car. The new "ready to spot" service in the 'ready to' app from smart solves this problem conveniently and offers additional functions that make getting back to the car easier.

The new "ready to spot" service automatically stores the GPS position of the parked smart when the service has been activated by the customer. If needed, the app guides the owner back to their car. Depending on the distance, the app also suggest the best and most convenient way via moovel to get back to the car – for example, with car2go or mytaxi or by bus and train. The booking is also made very simply by app.

Other elements integrated into the app are a reminder function for when the paid parking period expires, and the flashing function: It facilitates finding the vehicle at night, because it flashes its indicators as soon as you approach your car and push a button in the app. With the help of "ready to spot", the parked smart can also easily be made the meeting point for friends or family, because the app allows sharing the current position with others.

The new "theft recovery" service in the ready to app from smart enables users to place a virtual fence (geo-fence) around their parked smart. The owner is alerted via the app when the vehicle leaves the area which has been specified in this way and the customer has activated this service.

Should the smart be stolen, "theft recovery" provides support with communicating with the authorities and with relocating the vehicle. For this purpose, the user activates "theft recovery" mode in the app, which guides them through all necessary steps: from reporting the theft to police to contacting smart's customer service. On express request from the customer, the customer service can activate live tracking and contact the police. Police are then able to identify the current position of the stolen smart, which significantly increases the chances of recovery, of course.

The smart service strategy also already includes:

  • smart "ready to share" private car sharing. With the aid of a smartphone, authorised users can book, open and drive away a friend's smart in a matter of seconds. Three factors make "smart ready to share" unique: the safety and security of a solution provided by the manufacturer, complete control by the vehicle owner as the sole administrator and decision-maker and the simple and inexpensive handling. "smart ready to share" was launched as a beta version in seven selected cities in the spring of 2017.
  • the smart "ready to rent" hire concept: The entire smart model range can be hired from dealerships on a flexible basis. The new hire concept was launched as a pilot in several German and French cities in December 2016. Possible hire periods range from one day to three months.
  • the in-car delivery service "smart ready to drop": Last autumn the "smart ready to drop" test run started in Stuttgart as the biggest in-car delivery test ever performed in Germany. The smart collaboration with DHL enables parcels to be delivered to the boot of your car. Parcels can now also be delivered to the boots of smarts in Cologne, Bonn and Berlin. The smart cooperation partner DHL has already delivered a four-figure number of packages to these cities.
  • In future "smart ready to drop+" will enable parcels to be delivered to the boot of a smart wherever the vehicle is located. Further advantages: almost all products from any shop can be ordered, and private parcels can also be delivered. Up until shortly before delivery customers can decide when and where the parcel should be delivered. To this end a new pilot test has been in progress since November 2017 together with the cooperation partner Liefery in Hamburg.
  • the smart "ready to park" parking space service: With this service, which was introduced in March 2016, all the user has to do is register for free with the parking space sharing service ampido, and they will then be able to benefit from central, smart-exclusive parking spaces in Cologne and Munich. All available parking spaces are displayed in the app, along with their distance and tariff, and can be booked to suit requirements. After reserving and paying for the space online, the smart driver can navigate to the parking space and open the barriers there using their smartphone.

smart established the smart lab to accelerate the development and implementation of such creative urban mobility projects. The smart lab is the brand's think tank. The easy-going and unconventional start-up mentality of the lab's creative employees is what enables this innovative platform to drive new mobility ideas.