Fleetboard nxtload: Saloodo! now on board

Oct 16, 2017
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  • Searching for, and booking, freight and transport offers from Saloodo! is easy with Fleetboard nxtload
  • Fleetboard nxtload brings together all the supply and search functions from individual freight exchanges in a single interface
  • Meta search engine delivers significant time savings to the scheduling function and improves truck loading

Stuttgart – Fleetboard nxtload, the meta search engine for freight and transport orders which was launched in May, is delighted to announce an addition to the family: Saloodo!, the provider of digital solutions for the logistics sector and a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, has been recruited as a further major freight platform. This now means that freight and transport orders from the three most important European freight exchanges - Saloodo!, Trans.eu and Teleroute - can be conveniently searched and booked through one interface: nxtload.

Amadou Diallo, CEO of Saloodo!, explained: "Our mission at Saloodo! is to facilitate better capacity utilisation for freight companies and their trucks, and thus to achieve greater efficiency. The link to Fleetboard nxtload makes that possible."

Dr. Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, Managing Director of Daimler Fleetboard GmbH commented: "We are delighted that we have Saloodo! on board with us. Our aim, with Fleetboard nxtload, is to refashion freight placement so as to make it, above all, efficient, demand-driven and sustainable. Through our collaboration with Saloodo! we are taking the next step along that path."

Increasing capacity utilisation and avoiding empty runs

Empty runs and downtime are the biggest problem in freight transport. In practice, trucks are stationary for around 50 % of the time – for example when loading and unloading, in customs or during the drivers' rest times. Furthermore, trucks are frequently only partially loaded or are even travelling without any load at all. The numerous digital platforms for freight placement that were available on the European market at the end of 2016 were supposed to help. In order to book freight or journeys through these platforms the scheduler has to find the right load or ride opportunity from numerous options, compare these for cost-effectiveness and feasibility and then book on a "first come, first serve" basis. Often, the appropriate cargo either cannot be found this way or has already been scheduled.

One of Fleetboard's aims is to increase vehicle utilisation and make freight placement more efficient - but without setting up yet another freight exchange. Instead, Fleetboard developed a meta search engine that brings together all the supply and search functions from individual freight exchanges in a single interface and saves the scheduler significant amounts of time.

An open website for all freight forwarders, regardless of the truck brands they use – and without the need for additional hardware

Initially, schedulers will be able to search for and book freight orders using the nxtload website. In the longer term, further features, such as a corridor search, will be provided and truck drivers will be integrated into the overall system by means of mobile solutions for cargo and route planning. The system will be continuously developed together with our partners, with the aim of optimising freight placement.

Fleetboard nxtload is planned to be an open website that can be used by all freight forwarders and will initially be offered free of charge to them - regardless of the truck brands in their fleet, and without the need for them to invest in additional hardware. What's more, it's the first product for which FleetBoard will be using the Microsoft cloud platform Azure.

Fleetboard was able to win Trans.eu and Teleroute, two important European freight exchanges as partners for the launch of the pilot phase in May. Furthermore, Fleetboard is interacting with other digital platforms (Freight Broker, Load Boards, Freight Matching Platforms). The pilot phase, with selected customers in markets such as Germany, France, Poland and Spain, runs until the end of the year. The go-live for the meta search engine is planned for the beginning of 2018.

Link to Fleetboard nxtload: https://nxtload.fleetboard.com/

Fleetboard nxtload: Saloodo! now on board
Fleetboard nxtload: Saloodo! now on board