Mercedes-Benz Citan: compact on the outside yet roomy on the inside, with new packages of equipment for the exterior and interior, dual clutch transmission for diesel

Sep 21, 2016
  • Compact and flexible: the Citan's many variants
  • Citan with Exterior Off-Road Styling package
  • Citan with Exterior Dynamic package by Hartmann
  • Citan with new packages of equipment for the interior
  • Diesel engine: Euro 6 attained without SCR technology
  • Transmission: dual clutch transmission now available for the diesel version

Small wonder: the Mercedes-Benz Citan urban delivery van fits the bill when a combination of compact dimensions with plenty of payload and a surprisingly large volume is called for. The Citan has long since established itself as an integral part of the Mercedes-Benz Vans model range. With a choice of three lengths, the panel van, Mixto and Tourer variants, several weights and many equipment variants – the Citan is a real pro among its peers. Featuring new equipment packages, and now a dual clutch transmission for the diesel engine too, further attractive variants of the Citan will be available from summer 2017.

Compact and flexible: the Citan's many variants

The Citan offers maximum flexibility when it comes to adapting to the requirements of its customers. The variety begins with its three lengths: the compact Citan (3.94 m), the long Citan (4.32 m) and the extra-long Citan (4.71 m). No-one offers greater choice in this class. It is available ex factory as a panel van, Mixto and Tourer – covering all requirements from goods to passenger transport and combinations of the two. There is also the Citan WORKER panel van and the Citan CREW for particularly price-sensitive customers.

The Citan's permissible gross vehicle weight ranges between 1.8 t and 2.2 t. The long variant of the Citan is particularly versatile, offering a choice of three weight variants.

The Citan offers a diverse scope of particularly useful options ex factory. These include different door and window variants, panel vans with a folding load retention grille on the co-driver's side or a roof flap at the rear, a load retention grille for the Mixto or a luggage net for occupant protection on board the Tourer. Lashing eyelets are similarly available ex factory in the sidewalls, wood flooring and interior panelling of the cargo space. Last but not least, accessories such as cargo baskets with loading roller, basic roof carriers or ladder racks are available from Mercedes-Benz partners.

The Citan panel van with double co-driver's seat is particularly flexible. Both seats have three-point seat belts and height-adjustable head restraints. If no-one is using these seats the backrests can be folded forward, with the centre backrest then acting as a writing surface if needed. There is a stowage compartment underneath the double seat, accessible from above by folding forward the single-piece seat cushion.

A navigation system developed specially for the Citan points the way to the destination. The device has a 1-DIN form factor and is operated via a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch screen. The optional reversing camera makes manoeuvres at low speed easier, thereby boosting safety. The camera is hidden behind the licence plate holder on the tailgate or rear door and is activated when the reverse gear is engaged. The camera picture is shown in the inside rearview mirror, which dims automatically in bright light conditions. Guidelines help the driver to assess distances.

Citan with Exterior Off-Road Styling package

Although it already has a distinctive and attractive look, the Citan can now be enhanced further with new equipment packages. The Exterior Off-Road Styling package (Offroad-Optik Paket Exterieur) underlines the Citan's robust suitability for a range of application profiles and makes for an even more striking and individual appearance. It consists of dark grey wheel arch liners and sill panels and a front and rear spoiler in the same colour shade. The Exterior Off-Road Styling package is available for the long Citan. It is additionally on offer with raised ground clearance, steel underbody protection and reinforced tyres of size 195/65 R 15 for use on uneven surfaces such as construction sites.

Citan with Exterior Dynamic package by Hartmann

The Exterior Dynamic package by Hartmann (Dynamik Paket Exterieur by Hartmann) enhances the Citan's looks in a particularly emotional and exclusive way. This package is made for the German market by partner firm Hartmann as part of VanSolution, the programme for body and conversion solutions ex factory. It consists of a new front and rear apron as well as sill panels. Optional 16-inch light-alloy wheels can also be added.

Citan with new packages of equipment for the interior

Another new feature for all markets is the Colour Interior Design package (Design-Paket Interieur Color). This freshened look stands out with red highlights around the air vents and loudspeaker grilles. Red topstitching gives the seating fabrics and head restraints, the centre armrest as well as the shift lever gaiter a dash of emotion.

The red topstitching is on offer in addition to the already available Chrome package (Chrom-Paket), upgrading it to the Chrome Interior Design package (Design-Paket Interieur Chrom).

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is adding another practical item of equipment to the Citan portfolio: a radio with navigation system and LINGUATRONIC voice control.

Mercedes-Benz Vans also supplies the Citan with driving aids ex factory for drivers with restricted mobility.

Diesel engine: Euro 6 attained without SCR technology

With four engines to choose from, customers are guaranteed to find the right one for them. The Citan's compact turbodiesel engine with a displacement of 1.5 l is available in three output categories, all of which comply with the Euro 6 emissions level as standard: 55 kW (75 hp), 66 kW (90 hp) and 81 kW (110 hp). Progressing to Euro 6 has actually increased maximum torque by 20 Nm for each diesel engine, to figures ranging between 200 Nm and 260 Nm. This translates into a noticeable rise in pulling power of around 10 percent. In the process of moving to Euro 6, the BlueEFFICIENCY package has become part of the standard specification of all vans with manual transmission. Among other features, this includes an ECO start/stop function and lowers fuel consumption for the diesel variants to just 4.3 l/100 km according to NEDC. The Citan achieves this outstanding consumption figure without compromising performance.

The new emissions standard has certainly made the Citan clean for the future: all variants of the Citan with diesel engine achieve Euro 6 simply through internal engine measures and a storage-type NOx catalytic converter. No complex SCR technology is necessary, so drivers of the Citan no longer have to worry about using the extra service fluid AdBlue.

Buyers can also choose a sprightly petrol variant as an alternative to the diesel engine. This engine has a displacement of 1.2 l and is rated at 84 kW (114 hp). In action, the compact engine is surprisingly powerful: at kickdown the engine mobilises 205 Nm of torque for a short time rather than 190 Nm. The extra torque is provided in second, third and fourth gears for a maximum of 20 seconds and helps in situations such as overtaking, thus making it a further safety factor.

Transmission: dual clutch transmission now available for the diesel version

Depending on the specified engine variant, the Mercedes-Benz Citan comes with a five-speed or six-speed manual transmission. It is also optionally available with the 6G-DCT six-speed dual clutch transmission. Previously available exclusively for the petrol-engined Citan 112, it will also be possible to get this for the Citan 111 CDI from 2017.

This six-speed unit combines the economy of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic. The transmission features two separate clutches; one for the even-numbered gears and one for the odd-numbered ones. While driving the next gear is already pre-selected, and it only takes fractions of a second for one clutch to open and the other to close. The gear changes occur at lightning speed and virtually without interruption to tractive power, thus making them almost imperceptible to the driver. The driver's work is also made easier by a crawl function and a start-off assist system. The performance of the vehicle with dual clutch transmission remains the same as with the conventional six-speed manual transmission.