Aerodynamics: Further reduced resistance

Sep 13, 2016

Good fuel consumption figures require good aerodynamic properties. The new E-Class Estate has the lowest drag coefficient (cd value) in its segment and is even better than its predecessor.

From a speed of about 70 km/h, the aerodynamic drag exceeds the sum total of all other driving resistance factors. Therefore, reducing the drag also helps to lower the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Mercedes-Benz is setting the pace in the field of aerodynamics and delivers cars with the best Cd values in almost all vehicle classes. With a drag coefficient of cd 0.28 (E 200), the E-Class is the benchmark in the executive estate class, meaning that the slightly larger frontal area (A) of 2.36 m² can be compensated for. The drag area cd x A is 0.66 m².

To achieve this goal, the aerodynamics engineers have performed intensive detail work during computer-based airflow simulations and optimisations in the wind tunnel and, based on the results, implemented a series of effective measures.

For example, in addition to the AIRPANEL air control system (opens and closes the radiator grille while driving depending on the required cooling), there is, for the first time, a second shutter in the front apron in the air inlet below the number plate. This considerably improves the overall performance of the system.

Further detail measures include:

  • Aerodynamic design of front and rear aprons
  • Wheel spoilers at front and rear
  • Sealing between wheel arches and engine compartment
  • New exterior mirrors with mirror base
  • Extended peripheral sealing of the headlamps with a tight connection to the radiator grille
  • Aero lip in the joint between bonnet and front bumper
  • Improved sealing of the radiator section and flow properties to make efficient use of the available cooling air
  • Integral design of the spoiler lip at the roof end, taking account of the tailgate geometry
  • Optimised underbody panelling concept with larger covers in the front engine compartment area
  • Aerodynamically optimised wheels and tyres